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.: About Us

City TV to be the leading digital cable operator and entertainment company in Lebanon providing royalty paid channels with a perfect sound and picture quality. Our network is transmitted on a fully digital Microwave system to ensure crystal clear video resolution and CD quality audio output without any degradation or interruption of services.


.: Technical Info

City TV is an MVDS (Microwave Video Distribution System) cable operator that uses Digital Video Broadcasting, the new state-of-the-art digital technology.

With MPEG-2 transmission, the worldwide standard for digital television compression, City TV can now boost the number of programs distributed in populated areas in addition to broadcasting all kinds of digital data.

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.: Support

6 Easy Steps To Configure Your Receiver:

Any existing City TV subscriber using Strong 4800 II experiencing
some difficulties may need to Reset and / or Tune Up his receiver.

Remember it is important to keep your receiver switched on in
stand-by mode and tuned to a City TV channel whenever you
switch your television off. This will enable us to send upgrade
software information direct to your receiver at any time. Failure to
do this may result in an interruption to your City TV viewing.

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