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City TV was established in 2004, and it is operating since then with the main objective of being the leading digital cable operator and entertainment company in Lebanon providing royalty paid channels with a perfect sound and picture quality. Our network is transmitted on a fully digital Microwave system to ensure crystal clear video resolution and CD quality audio output without any degradation or interruption of services.


To be the Lebanese’s premier technology organization delivering innovation to the cable industry.


In collaboration with Lebanese Association of Satellite members and other suppliers, our mission is to efficiently evolve cable networks, services, and operations. In so doing, we develop and promote technologies that revolutionize the cable customer experience.


-   Provide a central source of timely, evaluated information about technical developments of interest to the industry.
-   Plan, perform, or fund R&D projects that align with the overall interests of the cable industry.
-   Facilitate the transfer of relevant technology, and best practices for deploying new technology, to members, and to providers to the industry.
-   Provide services that promote interoperability and effectiveness of relevant technologies so that they are successfully deployed by users.

Our Engineers

-   Fouad Dandan
-   Ali Koumayha
-   Abed Lawand

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